Coding for kids? We found it on the Island of PodPi

PodPi is a series of adventures that will inspire your kids to learn more about electronics and JavaScript coding. They will start with building their first simple circuits and end with WiFi enabled devices powering the Internet of Things (IoT).  The engaging and immersive lessons use our popular comic book format.

On the Island of PodPi, your kids will learn to code and build electronic circuits through a unique experience and series of adventures.

Follow Jake and Zoe as they discover a mysterious chest filled with treasure boxes.  They open the first one and discover the adventures of PodPi and Captain Arghuino.  The box contains an Arghuino board and everything needed to build your first set of circuits.  Follow along as they setup their computer and learn electronics and coding using JavaScript.

For more info, check out this YouTube video and visit PodPi

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