Science Says Traveling Makes You Smarter.

Science Says Traveling Makes You Smarter.

By Danielle Valente

Thanks to a study by William W. Maddux, associate professor of organizational behavior at INSEAD, a graduate business school in Fontainebleau, France, research shows a correlation between students’ “multicultural engagement” and “integrative complexity,” according to Forbes. This means that students who experienced other cultures were able to hold conflicting viewpoints at the same time, whereas those who hadn’t weren’t able to accept different perspectives quite as easily.

The good news about this discovery? It also led to more opportunities. Maddux’s findings further claimed that the students in his program who had traveled and explored different cultures were presented with more job opportunities than the ones who hadn’t, according to Forbes.

Not only does traveling give your brain some fuel, it also adds to your creativity. When Maddux and his colleagues had administered a remote associate test to students, those who were primed with thoughts about living abroad solved 50 percent more problems than those students who were not, claiming those who adapted to foreign locations had “significantly higher” creative enhancement, according to Forbes.

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